Perfume Making

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

Sarah’s group in Busy bees enjoyed perfume making!
They used jugs and funnels to carefully mix together different ingredients including flowers, water, essence & food colouring to create some lovely fragrances.
Once made they filled up their perfume bottles and we all had a try of the beautiful perfumes!

Gruffalo Crumble!

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Some of our Busy Bees had lots of fun creating a Gruffalo crumble!
They followed the instructions on the recipe card that Sarah gave them and counted out what they needed, such as 2 orange eyes & 6 purple prickles!
The children thought it was very funny to pretend they had their own poisonous warts on the end of their noses!

We’re Having a Tea Party

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

In pre-school, Nicole’s group explored a themed tea party tuff tray in line with Macmillan coffee morning.
The children were very careful in handling the china cups and teapot as they poured in water to make the tea.
They enjoyed the different types of tea that were on offer including raspberry and lemon!

Fun in the Rain!

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

Sarah’s group in Busy bees didn’t let the rain stop their fun today!
They put on their wet suits and wellies and went off to explore the garden!
They enjoyed splashing in puddles & even pretended to swim in the puddles along with the sea animals.
They also enjoyed observing the leaves, watching the raindrops fall onto them and counting them.

First Trip to Forest School

Written by Wavertree Nursery. Posted in General

Our Children from the Beehive room had so much fun on their first trip to Forest School! They learnt all about the fire circle and our forest school rules which keep us safe. The children then set the boundaries for when they are playing at forest school and chose trees to mark. We all sat around the fire circle and had a delicious snack and a cup of milk and listened to the story ‘The Foggy Foggy Forest.’ In the story there is ‘an ogre doing yoga’ and we decided that one of our trees had similar features as the ‘ogre doing yoga’ so we decided to use the chalk to draw the ogre on to the tree. We then played tag and hide and seek which was so much fun in the forest as we had lots of big trees to hide behind and lots of space to run. Finally, we carried out a nature treasure hunt where we collected leaves, berries, sticks and feathers. We hid our special finds in a secret hiding place so we can find them next week when we go to Forest School. What a lovely morning, we can’t wait to go next week.

Pirate Day

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

There were many pirates joining us in the nursery!
Some of our Worker Bees pirates enjoyed creating their own pirate hats & eye patches.
They then took a daring walk along the plank, doing their best not to fall into the depths of the ocean!
The children also enjoyed creating their own treasure maps using tea bags & they also explored a themed tuff tray where they had to work out the message in the bottle whilst listening to some pirate music!
The children also enjoyed a very exciting menu from Donna including Captain Redbeard’s fish pie, treasure map pizza & a crocodile fruit platter!


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