Seasons & Caring for the Environment at Forest School

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Today in forest school our pre-school children braved the wind & rain & got involved in caring for the environment as part of our eco-schools scheme.

The children participated in a litter picking walk through the forest & discussed how we should take care of the environment around us.

The children also enjoyed sitting around the camp fire to listen to the story ‘Seasons come, seasons go tree’ & afterwards discussed how the season has changed & it has become cold & windy & the trees have lost their leaves.

The children then ended their session with lunch around the campfire, today it was yummy hot dogs & chocolate crepes!

All About Bones!

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In pre-school, Nicole’s key group have been focusing on bones for their fascination.

They explored a tuff tray with different sized bones & used out maths cubes to measure how long they were & work out which was the shortest & longest.

They explored skeletons on the interactive screen, working out where each bone belongs & later also made their very own skeletons & remembered where each one went as they stuck them down.

They concentrated very hard doing ‘funny bones’ themed maths worksheets, working out simple addition sums.

They have especially enjoyed exploring the funny bones storybook & laughed when the skeletons scared each other & fell apart!

Fun at Forest School

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Today some of our Aigburth pre-school children enjoyed their first forest school session with Fern & Mike.

The children learnt the rules of the fire circle & went on a boundary walk.

They took some time to have a little rest to enjoy some snack & participate in listening out for birds around them & they were very lucky to have a little robin come & join them.

The children also enjoyed playing hide & seek & What’s the time Mr.Wolf,

The children also practised their balance skills on fallen down tree trunks.

Making Marks

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In Honey Bees, Rachel’s key group have been exploring making marks with cars & different materials.

They explored bubble wrap & the children enjoyed moving the cars across it and hearing the bubbles pop!

They also enjoyed mark making on cling film with paint underneath. As the children moved the cars across the cling film they were fascinated at the paint moving & creating different patterns!

Aigburth achieves Millie’s Mark!!

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We recently achieved our Millie’s mark accreditation! This is a Quality Mark for nurseries where our employees working directly with children are trained in paediatric first aid. This has been awarded by National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) in association with the Department for Education and Millie’s Trust. You may have been aware that we have been working hard for a period of time to achieve this award, which acts as an indicator that we go above and beyond the minimum requirements to keep children safe and minimise risks and accidents.

We are delighted that our efforts have been rewarded and that we have achieved this very special award.


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