Crackerjacks Charity Fundraiser

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Today we held a ‘Princesses and Pirates’ day to raise money for Crackerjacks charity. The children were invited to come into nursery dressed as either a princess or a pirate and bring with them a donation for a very worthy cause. The children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and getting into role. We had a lovely day.

Team Work

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This week we have been learning all about team work building towers together. Helping our friends when they need it. Learning how our body works with Lauren, our heart goes “bump, bump”

Exploring Gloop

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Worker Bees have had lots of fun exploring gloop! The children have been exploring how textures can be changed by adding different materials to create new textures! The children used lots of descriptive language such as ‘soft’ and ‘sticky’ when exploring the change in materials. The children said the pink gloop looked like ‘unicorn food.’

Mexico Day

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The children had a ‘fantastico’ time in nursery learning about and celebrating Mexico! The children watched some footage of Mexican dancing and were excited to have a go themselves. Some of our children giggled as they tried on sombreros & some of our pre-school children attempted to make their own! We made some Mexican flags to wave along to Mexican themed music and we all enjoyed a Mexican themed lunch from our lovely cook Donna. The enchiladas and spicy biscuits were delicious!! Pre-school children had several Mexican objects placed on their tables to discuss during lunch whilst pre-school staff dressed in ponchos to be Mexican waitresses!

Fun With Transient Art

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Some of our Worker Bees children had lots of fun exploring transient art today. The children used their imagination to create pictures and patterns from various loose parts. There were various creations including a house pretty enough for a princess, a flower, a tiger & a monster. Libby even decided to turn herself into a picture!

Mark Making Fun!

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Whilst focusing on one of the nursery’s areas for improvement, Rachel’s key group in Honey Bees had fun experimenting with different ways of mark making, including making tracks with trains and cars, printing with bubble wrap & combining the two by painting on the bubble wrap to make some lovely patterns!

Understanding Emotions

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

As one of their areas for improvement, Sinead’s key group focused on learning about the different emotions that we may use. The children had fun making the emotion puppets and made good attempts to make the same emotion that they had picked such as sad or happy. The children all talked about what may make them feel tired, happy, sad or even excited.


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