Aigburth Celebrates Roald Dahl Day

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We had an exciting day celebrating Roald Dahl.

The children came dressed up as characters including the witches, Willy Wonka, and George from George’s Marvellous Medicine!

The children participated in a variety of activities where they conducted a Willy Wonka experiment, made potions and a dream horn just like the BFG’s, golden eggs and a giant peach!!

We also listened together to some of the famous stories including the witches and the BFG.

The children also enjoyed a Roald Dahl themed menu of Wondercrumb wormy spaghetti followed by mud pies for pudding at lunch, snozzambers and dip for a snack and George’s Marvellous Medicine soup for tea. Yummy!

Celebrating Vesak

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Today our children celebrated Vesak. The children done a lot of creative activities. The children took part in meditation and they really enjoyed it. We also used playdough with seeds, lentils and pebbles to create Mandalas. The children also made lanterns to take home or to put in the home corner in nursery. We all had lots of fun using cotton buds, different objects and colours to get messy to celebrate Vesak.

A visit from Little Superstars

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Worker Bees recently got to enjoy a session with Little Superstars. During the session the children had lots of fun learning to balance, throw & kick rugby balls. Adam also involved the children in a fun game of hunt the duck where they had to search for all the baby ducks & retrun them to Mummy duck as quick as they possibly could! The children were all very tired after such a fun session!

Busy Month of Exciting Trips

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We have been very busy this past month with lots of exciting trips, We have enjoyed visiting the museum exploring the world of colour, Windmill farm and Acorn farm feeding and petting the animals and Walton hall gardens playing on the park and riding on the train.

Snake Exhibition @ The World Museum

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Last week a group of our workers bees visited the world museum to explore the snake exhibition, and they had such a ssspecial day! They saw some real snakes including a Boa constrictor and they looked at a snake skeleton. They were able to touch snake skin and there was lots of other fun things for them to do such as a giant snake puzzle and magnetic snake game. They had a sssplendid day and came back to nursery full of fascinating snake facts to tell their friends!

Go Kids!

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Last week our honey bees went on a trip to go kids soft play centre! They had such an amazing time climbing, exploring and playing in the ball pool! They cant wait for their next visit!

Pyjama Day!!!

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When we came in today I thought everybody had forgotten to get dressed, but then I remembered it was Pyjama Day!!!! All of the children and staff dressed in their favourite PJ’s to raise money for children in need, and that we did! Together we have managed to raise over £100 which is fantastic, so I would like to thank all of the children and their families for their generous donations!

Halloween Party!!!

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What a spooky day we have had at Honey Pot Aigburth! The children and staff all got dressed up for our fabulous party! There were prizes for the best costumes and the best carved pumpkin! Our winning pumpkin was carved by Joshua and his Dad, and it was fantastic with Buzz & Woody either side! Our best costume went to Hugh who had helped his Mum make his spooky outfit! It has been a great day with lots of dancing, apple bobbing and treats with a few tricks thrown in too! We are so glad that all of the children had such a great time!!

Bumbles go to Windmill Farm

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Bumbles had a great day out at Windmill Farm. The sun was shining, the animals were hungry and they even enjoyed a relax on the mini bus. They went and saw the animals and were given the opportunity to feed some of them and then enjoyed a picnic in the park. To end the day they played in the soft play area and had fun playing in the ball pool and sliding down the slide. The day was exhausting for all, including the staff!!! but a lot of fun and merriment was had.

Busy’s Trip to Acorn Farm

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What a brilliant morning our busy bees have had at Acorn Farm! They got dressed in their waterproof’s and wellies and had a splashing time! They fed the goats, chickens and sheep and laughed a lot at the big pig rolling in the mud! They then played on the tractor and had fun splashing in the puddles before finishing their morning in the gift shop! They cant wait for their next visit.


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