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12th February 2014, Worker Bees enjoyed a trip to the Sensory Room

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Some of the children in Worker Bees enjoyed a fun afternoon at the Sensory Room in Kensington. They enjoyed playing in the interactive 3D room, walking on the moon in space, swimming in the sea with the fishes and prowling in the jungle with the animals. They also went on a train journey, with Mel as the captain and went shopping for goodies in the supermarket. They had a wonderful afternoon exploring their surroundings and were excited to tell their friends about their adventures when they returned to nursery.

Our Valentine’s Ball

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The children in our Worker Bee’s room all dressed to impress for our valentine’s ball, they have had a great afternoon dancing with their friends and they had some yummy party food for tea!

We had a fantastic day at Chester Zoo …

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We really enjoyed looking at the Elephants, they were our favourite!
This is a statue of a baby Elephant, even the baby one’s are bigger than us!
This is one of the baby Elephant’s we saw and she was only 1 year old!
Here we are, all pointing to a picture of our favourite animal!
The Giraffe’s were so tall and they had lovely pattern’s on their bodies
This is the big Lion, when we walked past him he stood up on this big rock and did a very loud roar!
This is a giant lizard that we saw in the reptile house, he had a very long tail!
Here we are having our photograph taken with a very big Gorilla, but don’t worry it was just a statue!

Our Fundraising Event!

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We would just like to say a massive “Thank You” to everyone who helped out at our fundraising event on Saturday, it was a huge success. With the help of staff, children and parents of  the Honey Pot Day Nurseries we managed to raise a fantastic amount of money which came to over £950.00. This money is going to help refurbish a pre-school in Uganda to provide a safe, secure and stimulating place for young children to be and we are so passionate about this cause that we had to get involved. We are so grateful for everybody’s help and contributions, we did this together, and on behalf of the Honey Pot Management Team, we would like to say Thank you again!
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