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An unexpected happening

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When we arrived at nursery on Monday, some visitors had been.

We came across what can only be described as a garden for very small people. Who could these people be, I hear you ask and where do they come from?

They had built a small bridge and made tiny little houses out of coconut shells. There was a special secret door and pretty butterflies hidden amongst the plant.

Who could these things belong to and will we ever see them?

Remember to keep your eyes peeled as you walk round nursery. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing them again.

Easter Bonnet Parade

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All the children came in today with amazing Easter Bonnets. They paraded round the garden so they could be judged in 2 different categories.

These were 1. Child friendly made bonnet, without help from an adult and 2.  Most unusual and exciting Easter Bonnet made.

It was very hard to judge as everyone had gone to a lot of effort but eventually decisions were made:

In Bumbles, the prize went to Max. He went for an open top style hat to keep his head cool.

In Busy Bees, the first prize went to: Ava, who’s hat had a beautiful nest with lots of little chicks in and the second prize went to Erin, who’s bonnet was accessorised with feathers, pom poms and googly eyes. Watch out London fashion Week

In Worker Bees, the child friendly bonnet went to Zane who enjoyed sticking pom poms and chicks on his hat and the most impressive bonnet went to two children as it was so hard to judge and these were: Noel and Gregory. Both children’s hats were intricate and well designed and Noel’s took on they style of an Easter chick baseball cap, which we thought was the perfect accessory for Summer.

Well done to all the children who took part in the parade and thank you for making such a great effort. If we could we would have given prizes to all the children for getting into the Easter spirit.


The Easter Bunny’s been to Childwall

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Look who’s been to nursery.

The Easter Bunny came whilst the children were sleeping and hid chocolate eggs around our brand spanking new garden.

All the children were eggcited to collect the eggs in their special Easter basket.

Bumbles, Busy’s and Workers all eggsplored the front garden. They looked high and low, in tyres, tunnels and plant pots and as you can see from the pictures, were very lucky to find lots of eggs.

They counted them with the teachers and were able to have one after their dinner and take one home for their tea!!

They all had an eggsellent day.

Thank you Easter Bunny, see you next year

A visit to Acorn Farm

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We had a fantastic morning at Acorn Farm. We fed the animals, played on the swing park, had a run around in the sensory garden, had a picnic, went for a woodland walk and finished our day in the gift shop. It was lovely to see all of the lambs and other baby animals that are born in spring time! We cant wait to visit again soon!

The children experience their first “Forest School” session

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On Friday, a small group of children put on their wellies, fastened their coats and headed off for the forest on the nursery mini bus. They were excited and intrigued but were unsure of what to expect as they had never been to the Forest before. On arrival, the children were fascinated by their surroundings. They  met Ashley, the Forest School leader (also Honeypot’s EYP) and then explored their surroundings. They listened to the wind blowing in the trees, the birds singing and the sticks crunching under their feet. The children were then shown how to make a fire and collected sticks for it, finding long thick ones , that would help make a fire burn. They learnt about safety and the dangers of fires but were excited to be told that in a few weeks they would be lighting the fire “for real.” They then read a story about a stick man and all the children got to help make their very own stick men. Some were big, some were small but all had two arms and two legs!!! The children finished their session by playing a few games such as “Duck, duck, goose” and were ready for bed by the time they arrived back at nursery……..Hungry, tired and eager to talk about their Forest School experience. Keep watching to see what the children do next time……….

Easter Cake Sale!

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The children enjoyed spending their money at our Cake shop today buying some delicious Easter cakes to take home and share with their families! I just wanted to thank all of the children who helped make yummy cakes with their Mummies and Daddies, they all looked fabulous!

Our Easter Cakes went down a treat!!

Garston Forest School!

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On Friday some of the Worker Bees children experiences their first Forest School session with Ashley. Here are some pictures…
  • Lucy enjoyed climbing trees!
  • We had some snack around the "fire circle".
  • Jamie practiced using tools!
  • We enjoyed climbing on a fallen tree!
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