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Child Safety Week – our visit from Belle Vale Fire Station

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Today we all dressed up as Super Hero’s and were visited by our local Fire People.

They brought their fire engine which was very big, red and shiny and we were all able to have a sit in it. Even the babies joined in the fun and one sat up front with the fire man.

We all had a great day.

We learnt about people who help us and then had a Superhero party for tea with lots of yummy party food.

Child Safety Week at Honey Pot Aigburth!

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The staff & children made signs to assist them in talking about crossing the road safely! They all went in to the garden and took it in turns to be the school crossing patrol officer, helping the children to cross the road safely.

Another activity the children took part in was identifying items in the nursery that can become hot. The children went around the nursery in groups and used red stickers to identify the hot items. They all did so well!

The activity the children enjoyed most during child safety week, was the traffic light sandwiches! These went down a treat. They had so much fun making these whilst learning about the importance of taking notice of traffic lights!

Ramadan / Eid-al-Fitr

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Today the children at Garston have started the celebration for of the Islamic festival Ramadan. The children in Worker bees have made a paper chain, each circle represent a day of the festival and a circle will be cut away each day so we can count down to the feast day Eid-al-Fitr, when we will celebrate with a special feast (at lunchtime).


We have created good deed trees, these will be displayed throughout the nursery, and the children can add leaves to the trees when they carry out a good deed, either at nursery or at home.

The children have also made some lovely patterned pictures that represent the decoration at the Mosque.


Superheroes – Child safety week

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On Wednesday 25th June, the children and staff dressed up as superheroes and raised some money for the children’s brain injury charity Cracker Jacks. Look at the costumes, don’t they look wonderful?

We raised a fantastic £39.00

Worker bees children walked around the setting and looked for hazards and carried out some risk assessments. They looked at finger guards and radiator guards and they practiced holding onto the bannister when walked down the steps into the garden. They have talked about lots of ways to keep safe.

Our trip to the food bank!

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This morning, the children from Honey Pot Aigburth went on the mini bus to the local food bank in South Liverpool. For the past couple of months we have been collecting food to donate to this great cause. The children bagged it all up today and off they went to the food bank. The bags were very heavy as we had collected a lot of food with the help of our children, their families and our staff so it took a lot of strength for the children to carry the bags from the mini bus to the food bank but it was a success! Once they were inside they helped the ladies who work at the food bank unpack all of the items we had donated and they had to sort them into different categories, they then helped to stack them in the biggest cupboard our children have ever seen, which was such a fun job! To say thank you for all of our children’s’ hard work, the ladies kindly gave the children a little chocolate bar to say thank you! This was very kind of them and the children were very pleased! The children came back and told all of their friends about the trip and how we have helped to feed people in our community! What a great day it was!

Workers bees Transition to school

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On Thursday some of the teachers from St Austin’s School came to visit our nursery. They wanted to meet the children who would be starting at St Austin’s in September and tell them all the fun and exciting things they will be doing at ‘Big school’.  They were very nice and asked the children lots of questions.

The children showed them around the nursery and introduced them to our pet chickens

They very kindly brought us some sample school uniforms to try on and look at – don’t we look smart?

Niamh is going to , she went to visit her teacher there this week. She brought her book and P.E bag into nursery to show everybody.

Honey Bees adventures at Calderstones

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The children in Honey bees went to Calderstones park this week. As part of child safety week they were encouraged to take controlled risks and climbed on across some stepping stones.


After all the fun and excitement they stopped t look at some plants an trees and finish the day with a ice lolly before heading back to nursery.


Australia Day

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Yesterday we had a celebration day for Australia. The children and staff came dressed to impress! The children brought in cuddly Koala’s, Boomerangs and photographs of Australia, one of our children even wore a Koala bobble in her hair! Together the children and staff enjoyed a lovely meal together of barbequed chicken and cous cous, it was delicious!!
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