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The Giants came to Childwall

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This week in preparation for the Giants coming the children and staff in Childwall all decided that they would make their very own giants who could live in the nursery. Bumbles made a little girl giant, Busy Bees made the Granny giant and Worker Bees made the dog Zolo. They all used junk modelling and different materials and all the children took turns in adding different things to the giants. One of the children said about the granny “It looks like a robot” and another said “She has snakes for hair” The Pre School children talked about dogs and their pets at home, naming many different types of dogs. They were excited that the giants would be living in nursery and were keen to see the real giants and talk about them at news time.

Chinese Restaurant Day

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Every week in nursery, the children have a special restaurant day – this week they celebrated with a “Chinese Restaurant” and the children had chicken stir fry and noodles. Some of the children dressed in traditional clothing and served their friends, whilst others just enjoyed the yummy food. Everyone had empty plates at the end of dinner and were very full!!

School Leavers trip to Acorn Farm

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Last week our school leavers and staff enjoyed a trip to Acorn Farm as an extra special school leavers trip. They had a great day, the sun shone (for most of the morning!!) they saw some very cute animals, even baby chicks and piglets and enjoyed playing on the climbing frame. To end the morning we had a yummy picnic and ice cream to cool us down and then returned back to nursery. Everyone needed a nap on the bus they were so exhausted from all the excitement.

Aigburth’s Class of 2014

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It was an emotional day at our Graduation Ceremony for the class of 2014! There were lots of happy memories shared and a few tears from the Mummies and Daddies as their little one’s begin their journey to “Big School”. The children had a great day receiving awards and certificates but the party food was definitely the winner!! We would like to take this opportunity to say that it has been a pleasure to care for all of the children and we have seen them grow and develop so much in the time they have spent with us, and we wish them lots of luck on their new adventure!

Celebrating Korea

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Today the children at Honey Pot Aigburth have had another culture day and this month it was “Korea Day”. The children have been learning basic Korean words such as “thank you” which is pronounced ‘Kamsa-Hamnida’. They have attempted Korean writing and also looked at some lovely Korean story books which Harry kindly brought in from home. the children and staff enjoyed a Korean meal of Ginger & Soy Chicken served with Beansprouts and Seaweed, it was delicious!!

Celebrating Independence Day!

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Today the children at Honey Pot Aigburth had such a fun day celebrating Independence Day! They painted the American flag and had a yummy lunch of Hot Dogs and Fries which was a special treat! After lunch each child wore a mask of the different presidents and we had a president parade around the nursery, it was so much fun!

Belle Vale police pop in

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As part of Child Safety Week, we had a visit from the police from Belle Vale Police Station.

They were very kind and came to show us their police car and talk to us about what they do in the Community.

All the children were able to go and look at the car and ask any questions. Some of the children wanted to know how the police catch baddies, others just wanted to hear the police siren.

We had a fun day learning lots of new things and would like to say a big thank you to them for coming to the nursery to visit us.
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