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Halloween Party!!!

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What a spooky day we have had at Honey Pot Aigburth! The children and staff all got dressed up for our fabulous party! There were prizes for the best costumes and the best carved pumpkin! Our winning pumpkin was carved by Joshua and his Dad, and it was fantastic with Buzz & Woody either side! Our best costume went to Hugh who had helped his Mum make his spooky outfit! It has been a great day with lots of dancing, apple bobbing and treats with a few tricks thrown in too! We are so glad that all of the children had such a great time!!

Planting in the Community

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On Tuesday the children from Worker Bees took at trip to a local site that is being prepared for planting. When they arrived the diggers were still there and so we planted some bulbs for bedding planters instead. They met a lovely lady called Annie who was thrilled that we came along to help out. She showed us how to plant snowdrops and explained how they need to be planted with the ‘root down’. She also taught us that we have to squeeze the bulb before planting it. Annie has asked us to help out again when the ground is ready. We can’t wait to see our snowdrops grow!

Diwali – the festival of lights

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Yesterday in nursery, the children celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights. Throughout the day, the children dressed up in traditional dress, they read the story of Rama and Sita (which their friend Siddartha brought in to share with them) The staff made beautiful patterns on the children’s hands and they learnt how to do traditional dancing. Busy Bees made Fire cracker pictures, using leaves and spoke to the children about the celebrations that take place over Diwali. Bumbles made Lanterns and all three rooms lit candles to represent Diyas which are traditionally placed around the home. All the children were keen to tell their parents/carers about the day they had and enjoyed celebrating Diwali with their friends.

Worker Diwali

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Worker Bees have been very busy with activities celebrating Diwali. Collette brought to nursery her own beautiful Sari. Both Mandy and Collette dressed up and enjoyed dancing with the children and listening to traditional music. We chose a colourful bindi to wear and we painted our hands creating some amazing patterns! We made our own clay diva lamps and had fun painting and decorating them using colourful shiny sequins. Using lots of different beans, peas and lentils we made ‘Rangoli’ patterns on golden plates to decorate our room. At lunch time we shared an Indian meal together tasting lots of spicy foods.

Delamere Forest

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Today Busys been went on an adventure to Delamere Forest. They wrapped up warm and put on their welly boots. It was very exciting as they were searching the forest to find the Gruffalo. On their way to find him they splashed in lots of muddy puddles and stopped to some lunch.

Potato Printing

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The children have been learning about harvest and the babies have used potatoes to make some lovely printed pictures. They had so much fun using the potatoes and paint. They enjoyed getting really messy!

Stick Men

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The children brought some sticks back from Forest School on Friday after reading the Stick Man story. They decided they wanted to make stick men of their own. They used sticks and tape to make the arms and legs. They also stuck eyes onto the head. They used the tape measure to see which one was the tallest. They then used them to act out the story. They are going to take them back to Forest School next week to live in the Stick Family Tree!
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