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Busy Bees hunt to find the Gruffalo …

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Busy Bees enjoyed a trip to Delemere Forest to hunt for the Gruffalo. They wrapped up warm and went prepared with their wellies, so they could splash in the muddy puddles along the way! They read the story of the Gruffalo and read signs and maps to eventually find him in the middle of the forest! They enjoyed talking with the Gruffalo and even shared their snack with him!

Turkey Races

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The children are beginning to learn about Thanksgiving. The Worker Bees children had lots of fun painting turkey to have races with. They painted their own feet to print onto paper and stuck eyes on them to complete their ‘turkey’. When they had dried they took them into the garden an attached them to balloons to have races! They stuck them on a straw and threaded them onto a piece of ribbon. We raced the ‘turkeys’ against each other and they slid down the ribbon really fast!

Snake Exhibition @ The World Museum

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Last week a group of our workers bees visited the world museum to explore the snake exhibition, and they had such a ssspecial day! They saw some real snakes including a Boa constrictor and they looked at a snake skeleton. They were able to touch snake skin and there was lots of other fun things for them to do such as a giant snake puzzle and magnetic snake game. They had a sssplendid day and came back to nursery full of fascinating snake facts to tell their friends!

Go Kids!

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Last week our honey bees went on a trip to go kids soft play centre! They had such an amazing time climbing, exploring and playing in the ball pool! They cant wait for their next visit!

Pyjama Day!!!

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When we came in today I thought everybody had forgotten to get dressed, but then I remembered it was Pyjama Day!!!! All of the children and staff dressed in their favourite PJ’s to raise money for children in need, and that we did! Together we have managed to raise over £100 which is fantastic, so I would like to thank all of the children and their families for their generous donations!
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