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Chinese New Year in Garston

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The children have been learning about China and have recently celebrated Chinese New Year. They made money envelopes to exchange with each other, practiced some Chinese writing, dress up in traditional Chinese clothes and enjoyed some lovely Chinese food including fortune cookies. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Aigburth Worker Bee’s day trip

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Worker Bee’s had a fantastic time on their day out to begin our Chinese New Year celebrations. The day started with a trip to the World Museum and a picnic lunch followed by a stroll through the Albert Dock, then they were taken via mini bus back across the city to China Town where the children enjoyed the sights and celebratory atmosphere. To finish their adventure we had reserved a table at the ‘New Capital’ Chinese restaurant and enjoyed a Chinese banquet before being driven back to nursery.

Workshop in Honey Pot Aigburth

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Worker Bee’s have had great fun investigating the workshop area within their room. They have taken part in a woodwork class and have been taught the importance of using the tools safely and learnt how to assess risk. The boys showed real enthusiasm and understanding and were thrilled with their end result (wood blocks screwed together).

Pancake Day in Garston!

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The children had fun making pancakes today. We tried flipping them in the pan, although some had to go in the bin because they ended up on the floor! It was very funny! We made faces on the pancakes with fruit and cream before we ate them. They were delicious!

Fun in the Snow

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The children at Honey Pot Childwall had lots of fun playing in the snow last week! They put on their hats, scarves and wellington boots and headed out to the garden. They loved playing in the snow and even made “snowy” the snowman, isn’t he cute!

Let’s Get Muddy

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Bumble Bees enjoyed getting messy in the mud kitchen today. They put on their wetsuits and wellies and headed to the mud kitchen. They used lots of different materials and utensils to make lovely mud pies! The children in bumble bees love to get messy can you tell?!
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