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Farmer Ted’s

Written by Garston. Posted in General

On Friday some of the toddlers took a trip to Farmer Ted’s. They had such a fun day. They saw lots of animals including pigs, cows and goats. They also saw some baby animals too. They saw some piglets and stroked some chicks. Later they had a picnic for lunch and went on a tractor ride. They were also able to ride some little tractors by themselves. Before they came back to nursery they went to see a cow being milked. This was really interesting. They were so exhausted from such a busy day they all fell asleep on the way home!

Fun Day at ESLA!

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On Friday some of the Worker Bees children went to a fun day held at ESLA School. There was lots of fun things to do including biscuit decorating, face painting and even holding an owl! The children also had the opportunity to climb aboard an army truck. It was really cool to sit inside! The children all had a really fun day and couldn’t wait to tell everyone all about it when they returned to nursery.

Independence Day

Written by Garston. Posted in General

The children enjoyed celebrating Independence Day on Friday. They enjoyed painting the flag of America with all of the stars and stripes. Some of the children made some explosive firework pictures too. We all had a party at tea time and ate some delicious American hot dogs!


Written by Garston. Posted in General

The children have been learning about Ramadan and have been doing some fun activities to get involved. The babies used cotton buds to paint their hands with ‘henna’! They also painted their own ‘blessing tree’ using the cotton buds and green paint for each leaf. Some of the older children enjoyed making some Islamic art patterns using the paint dabbers. We can’t wait to have a party for Eid!
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