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Messy Play with Mummies

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The children at Honey Pot Garston had a fantastic time when heir mummies came in to nursery for a messy play session! There was flour with food dye, whipped cream, tea bag splatting, sparkly shaving foam, coconut flavoured bubble dough, rainbow spaghetti and much more. It was an amazing session and we all definitely got very messy, and the mummies had just as much fun as the children!

Busy Bees trip to the Museum

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The children from Busy Bees went on a trip to the Museum of Liverpool. They had so much fun playing in “Little Liverpool” with the boats in the docks. They also loved looking at the trains and sitting in a really old one. They could see the River Mersey from the big window, it was very high! The children had their packed lunch before returning to nursery and all fell asleep on the way back! They were exhausted after such a busy morning!

Honey Bees Trip to the 4D Sensory Room

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The children from Honey Bees went on a trip to the 4D sensory room at The Lime Hub. They spent a lovely afternoon there playing with the interactive floor. It was turned into a football pitch and they were able to kick the balls around on it. They then changed it to the sea and splashed in the water. The children particularly liked splatting the tomatoes when they came on! They hope to go back again very soon!

Our Trip to China Town

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Today a group of our Worker Bees had a lovely visit to China Town to follow on from our Chinese New Year celebrations. They visited the Chinese Arch to explore all of the lovely designs and colours and they loved looking at the Lion statues. They also paid a visit to the Chinese supermarket where they bought some fortune cookies, some paper dragons and a variety of healthy fruit. The children were able to enhance their mathematical development by helping the staff to add up the prices of the items they bought and they also helped to count out the change from the shop keeper. They had a fantastic time and were all very excited to take a fortune cookie home at the end of the day.

Valentine’s Day in Childwall

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The Pre school children had lots of fun making heart shaped cookies today for valentines day. The Bumble bees children became creative and made some lovely cards with stencils and paint.

Pancake Day in Aigburth!

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The children had lots of fun on pancake day. The babies used some small pans to try to flip some pancakes. They also pretended to cook them on the pretend cooker! Some of the children made pancakes to play with using play dough and had a try at flipping them in the pan! They also did some pancake pictures and drew what toppings they would like on them. All of the children enjoyed pancakes for their tea and chose their own toppings. They were yummy!

Pancake day and Chinese New Year in Childwall

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The children had great fun painting their own monkeys to celebrate the year of the monkey for Chinese New year. The children also had lots of fun helping to make and eat pancakes on Pancake Day!

A trip to the World Museum

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Sarah and Clare took a group of our Busy Bees to the World Museum and an amazing time was had by all! The children explored the bug house, the dinosaurs and colour and light exhibition. The fish were a big hit with our Busy Bees and they even managed to spot ‘Nemo’ in the big tank. They got back to nursery just in time for their lunch and then enjoyed a nice rest after their very busy morning!

Chinese New Year in Garston

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The children had lots of fun celebrating Chinese new year. They dressed up in traditional Chinese clothes, they made some beautiful lanterns and even had a go at copying some Chinese writing. For their lunch they enjoyed a delicious meal of Sweet & Sour chicken with Rice and some of the children even tried using chopsticks. It was fun filled day celebrating the year of the monkey!

Learning about Dental Health

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Our Worker Bees children had a visit form Joanne & Julie from our local children’s centre to discuss the importance of dental health. The children were taught about what foods are good for our teeth and what foods we should only have as a treat. The children got to dress up as Dentist’s and practice brushing the large set of teeth and also the crocodiles teeth! It was so much fun and we really hope that Julie and Joanne will visit us again!
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