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Raising Money for Children in Need

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The children has lots of fun making cookies and cakes to sell, to raise money for children in need, we raised over £100 as a nursery which we are very proud of.
1. William counting out the cake cases for his friends.
2. Finlay making yummy chocolate cake mix.
3. Ella having a go of mixing it all together.
4. Theo mixing it so it was nice and smooth.
5. Joshua mixing up the ingredients.
6. Ella printing Pudsey the bear onto the cookies.
7. Shaun looking very cosy in his pyjamas.
8. Charlie adding the butter to the pan to make yummy cookies.
9. George putting his gloves on so he didn’t get messy.
10. Charlie tipping the flour in with good control to make our cookies.
11. Sammy tipping the flour in and watching it through the sieve.

Chinese Day!

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The children had lots of fun exploring different aspects to do with China, with some making the effort of dressing up for the occasion! The children enjoyed having a go at writing Chinese symbols, learning to speak Chinese & some of the children even did their best dance moves to some fabulous Chinese music! The children also enjoyed our Chinese themed lunch of Sweet & sour chicken & some of us had a go at using chopsticks!

Children in Need 2016

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We had a pyjama day on Friday to raise money for Children in Need. The children and staff came into nursery in their pyjamas! We had our Jumping Jacks session in the morning and Pudsey came along too. We also made some lovely cakes to sell to raise more money. In total we raised £93.34. Thank you to all of those who took part!

A Trip to the Farm

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A group of our Busy Bees went on recent trip to Acorn Farm and what a great time they had! They all got wrapped up in their hats & scarves and they had the run of the farm! The children bought some animal food and walked around the farm feeding the goats, sheep and chickens. They also visited the pigs and the meerkats. Before they came back to nursery they had time to play in the pay area which was lots of fun!

Go Kids!

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Our babies really enjoyed their recent trip to Go Kids! soft play centre. They were able to explore in the colourful surroundings whilst enhancing their physical development! The children enjoyed climbing, building the soft blocks and jumping in to the ball pit. They had a very busy morning and were ready for their nap when they got back to nursery!

Jungle Fun

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The children in our Pre-School and Busy Bees rooms have taking part in lots of physical activities this week. They enjoyed a trip to Jungle fun where they were able to climb up and down the ropes and experience the bumpy slides. They particularly enjoyed exploring in ball pool.

Zoo Lab

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Big thanks to all our grandparents who attended the grandparents come to zoo lab on Monday. We hope you all had as much fun as we did. The children and their grandparents were all very brave and enjoyed touching the animals, they also tried to act out being the different animals.
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