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Worker Bees under arrest!!

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Our worker bees children recently enjoyed a visit from the police. The children got to try on the different police uniforms & learn about the different equipment that police officers use. The police men also explained to the children what being a police man is all about!

Red Nose Day

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Today all of the children and staff dressed in red and had ‘Crazy Hair’ to help raise money for Comic Relief. We were very impressed with the amount of children that participated and would like to say a big “Well Done” to all of the parents for getting creative with the ‘Crazy Hair’. Throughout the day the children will be taking part in red/funny themed activities and the older children will be learning a bit about where the money goes and what it can help buy for those less fortunate than ourselves. Thanks to all of the staff, children and parents who have made donations today for such a great charity!!

Forest School Comes to Honey Pot

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A few weeks ago, Ashley our Forest School Leader came to Honey Pot Garston to carry out a mini forest school session in our Garden. The Worker Bees & Busy Bees children all sat in a circle and listened carefully to the rules. Ashley lit the fire and then we got a pan and made some popcorn as a special treat. All of the children were very sensible throughout and they all sat very quietly so they could hear the popcorn popping in the pan. It was a great session and has made the children very excited about attending Forest School with Ashley in April!

Childwall Skype Call to Uganda

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The pre-school children had a very exciting skype session yesterday with the children in Uganda who we were fundraising for in February. We listened to the Uganda children sing a song for us and then we sang them if your happy and you know back. This was a lovely experience and the children really enjoyed it

Garston Skype call to Uganda

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A couple of weeks ago we held a fundraising event to raise money for a preschool in Uganda. Combined with our other Honey Pot Sites we raised over £1000 which will help towards providing the children with some resources. Yesterday our children had an amazing opportunity and were able to speak to the children in the preschool in Uganda via Skype! Our preschool children loved talking to the other preschool children and they even sang each other song. It was such an amazing experience that we will treasure!

Busy Bees Visit the Airport

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Some of our Busy Bees children were very excited to travel on the bus to go & visit the airport. When they got to the airport, they were fascinated by all the different things they could see, including a lambanana & several planes taking off.

World Book Day

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Today we had a fabulous turnout as the children got dressed as their favourite characters to celebrate World Book Day. There were some very current characters such as The Gruffalo, and there were some great classics such as Goldilocks and Mary Poppins.

Fun with the Chicks

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Today we got to explore our 5 chicks, some of the children were even brave enough to hold the chicks. We let them have a little run around in a special pen so they could stretch their legs. We have done a bit of research and have found out that we are currently looking after 4 male chicks and 1 female chick. The children are really enjoying taking care of the chicks.
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