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Worker Bees Get Active!

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Tania’s key group had an exciting p.e. session. First they started with a warm up session following movements on the interactive whiteboard to get our muscles warm & ready. The children then showed excellent balance skills, co-ordination and jumping skills as they followed around an obstacle course. The children then ended the session with some relaxing yoga in the sensory room, they especially loved doing the downward facing dog pose!!

Shape & Measuring Fun!

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As one of Worker Bees identified areas for improvement, Sinead’s key group focused on activities relating to this today. The children explored shapes & how they were different & guessed how many sides each shape had. They also enjoyed using our long rulers to measure each other and could work out who was the tallest or shortest! The children also enjoyed making lovely decorative arrangements with the shapes.

Creating Green Houses

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Our worker bees have created indoor green houses. The children explored their senses by touching and smelling seeds. Over the upcoming weeks worker bees will help the seeds to grow.

New Water Dispenser

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Pre-school have had lots of fun experimenting with their new water dispenser, they have enjoyed tasting water with a variety of different fruits in, and also had great fun making their own drinks.

International talk like a pirate day

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We had a swashbuckling , jolly roger kind of day in nursery! The children came to Nursery in some fabulous pirate outfits. Busy Bees children enjoyed making their very own pirate hats & telescopes whilst some of our Worker Bees children made their own pirate ships to use in the water play area & treasure maps & used them for a treasure hunt in the garden. The children also made their own pirate ship in the garden using the crates and some children even dared to walk the plank!! Our younger children enjoyed pirate themed messy play, listening to pirate themed songs & stories and dancing along to music fit for a pirate!

Diddikicks session

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Today we had a visit from Coach Matt from Diddikicks. We were all very excited to see what we would be doing! First we did warm up exercises where we had to pretend to be Buzz lightyear stretching our arms out as wide as we could & we lay across a ball & balanced on it pretending to be superman. We also took part in an obstacle course where we had to balance and run across a snake & then we all had a go at trying to score a goal.

National Literacy Day

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As reading is one of our areas of focus/improvement, we were excited to celebrate national literacy day. The children were invited to bring in their favourite story from home. The children enjoyed sharing their stories with their friends and talked about what happened in their story and what was their favourite part!

Fire Engine Fun!

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Some of our Worker Bees children were very excited when we had a visit from members of the Fire Service. The kind fireman let the children explore the fire engine and try on some of the equipment that they use when they are busy fighting fires and talked to them about fire safety. When the children returned to nursery they drew pictures of fire engines and also built their own versions of them using mobilo. These will be added onto their key group’s fascination board for their theme ‘Transport’.
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