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Super Writers

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In pre-school Nicole’s key group have been focusing on one of our identified areas of improvement, writing. They have explored different ways of learning letter formation and writing various words and their name including marking over letters with stampers, writing in flour, using pens and pencils to work on their tripod grip & also using the interactive touch screen to form letters.

Pre-school go pumpkin picking!!

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Some of our pre-school children put on their wellies, hats & coats ready to go pumpkin picking. When we got there the children were so excited at how many pumpkins there were! The children helped each other to pick out the best pumpkins and move them around the field in the wheelbarrow. The children also enjoyed climbing over very large pumpkins and climbing on top of the hale bales and there were lots of giggles when some of us got stuck in the mud!! The children were all very happy to take their pumpkins home ready to carve them!

Pumpkin Picking

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The children had lots of fun pumpkin picking. They were able to pick their own pumpkins and enjoyed pushing the wheel barrow through the muddy fields. The children also enjoyed a sneaky play on the park before heading back to nursery.

Diwali at Aigburth

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Recently we celebrated Diwali in nursery. Our pre-school children enjoyed mixing, measuring and moulding to make their very own candle holders. They used various materials to make a Diwali wreath & they also experimented with lots of colour to create firework pictures. Our pre-school children also watched some footage on what Diwali is and how it is celebrated across the world. Some of our younger children enjoyed making Rangoli patterns using rice and lentils. At tea time our pre-school children used their candle holders to have our own light festival and eat by candle light. Some of our parents got involved too by sending in some beautiful lanterns they made with their children at home.

Numbers & Dominoes!

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Preschool have continued to focus on number as an area for improvement. They had lots of fun using dominoes to help them learn about number. The children all had a good try at counting the number of dots on the dominoes and then matching them up to the correct number

Egypt Day

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We had lots of fun learning about & celebrating Egypt. Some of the children came in dressed as ancient Egyptians and we all showed off our excellent bandage wrapping skills when we turned each other and some of our dolls into Mummies! Some of our pre-school & Busy Bees children joined up to make pyramids in the garden using our loose parts & their imagination! Some of our younger children enjoyed looking at pictures of Egypt and some of its favourite features and they also attempted to make their very own pyramids in the sand! Pre-school learnt how to dance & walk like an Egyptian along to Egyptian themed music. Some of our parents had sent in pictures of their visit to an Egyptian exhibition at the museum and one of our parents got very creative at home and made Egyptian Hieroglyphics detailing their child’s name! We all enjoyed an Egyptian themed menu too including kebabs, basbousa cake & Egyptian broad beans.

Mums stay and play – Halloween

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The Children had so much fun when their Mum’s came to visit and have a play in nursery! They all enjoyed getting involved in Halloween activities which included, pumpkin carving, spaghetti play & getting messy with our paints and collage!
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