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Christmas Sing Along

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Pre School done a fantastic performance for there Christmas sing along in front of all their families We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and wish you a Happy new year!


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Today the children celebrated Hanukkah the Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem , they used crafts such as paint, glue and glitter to make their own candle lights. Our worker bees watched a Jewish Hanukkah festival on their interactive board.


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The children are very excited for Christmas and this made it more magical for them as they experienced the snow! The children made little snow balls and explored the texture of the snow also being able to explore the ice we found in the outdoors. They had so much fun!

Fun at Santa’s Grotto

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Pre-school had lots of fun at the grotto today. They enjoyed making reindeer food, making tree decorations, writing letters to Santa and decorating cakes. They also loved the visit from Santa himself!

A Magical Trip to the Grotto

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The children had a magical trip to the grotto yesterday. They took part in a variety of activities such as baking, making Christmas tree decoration and writing letters to Santa. They even had a visit from Father Christmas and received an early present
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