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Fun in the Snow in Garston

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Yesterday seen an unexpected but exciting fall of snow, our children came to nursery with their coats, hats, gloves and wellington boots to have fun in the snow. The children enjoyed making hand and foot prints. They also enjoyed making snowballs which extended their sense of touch. The children spoke about the texture, how it felt in their hands and under their feet. This was such a magical experience.

Fun in the snow in Aigburth

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Some of our Busy Bees & Pre-school children wrapped up warm to explore the snow. They enjoyed trying to catch the snow, making marks with their feet, throwing snowballs and they all worked together to build a snowman!! It was a bit too cold for some of our younger children but they enjoyed exploring snow indoors!

Worker Bees Visit the World Museum

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This morning, a group of our worker bees children visited the world museum. They explored the dinosaur fossils, looked at crocodile skeletons and talked about the different types of fish they could see in the aquarium section. There were so many things to look at and talk about, the children couldn’t wait to tell their friends and the rest of the teachers back at nursery all about it. The children even managed to look at and feel a large snake skin which had been shed. As you can imagine, this prompted a lot of discussion with the children and lots of learning took place.

Fun on Public Transport

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Our Honey bees are focusing on transport, they enjoyed looking at transport on the way to the train station. The children had lots of fun taking part in a train ride around our local area.

Pancake Day at Aigburth

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The children had lots of fun getting involved in making pancakes for tea, being careful to measure the right amounts of ingredients that were needed. Everyone was fascinated at our cook Donna’s skill at flipping pancakes! Some of our younger children pretended to make their own pancakes with play dough and had a go at flipping them too! Later in the day some of our parents joined us for tea where we all had a variety of yummy toppings & decorations for our pancakes.

Zoolab with a Chinese New Year twist!

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We were all very excited to have Zoolab visiting our nursery! Ranger Alex told us all a story about the different types of animals related to Chinese New Year. The children were all very fascinated at the different animals that Alex showed us and were very brave at handling them too! We saw a slithery snake, some fluffy rats, a creepy tarantula and a scaley plated dragon lizard to name a few! We hope to see Alex and all the animals again soon!
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