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Forest School

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Today was our parent’s session for Forest school, our parents and children enjoyed reading stories, going on a nature walk, making medallions and having a yummy curry for dinner. To end the session parents and carers toasted marshmallows on the campfire with their little ones. We would like to say Thank You to all parents and carers who attended.

Recycling and the Environment

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Our worker bees have been learning about the environment and the importance of recycling. They made their own watering cans out of milk bottles and helped the staff to water the plants and flowers at the nursery.

A Creepy Crawly Experience

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The children in Honey Pot Garston had a creepy crawly experience at nursery today. Our children were so excited to have a visit from Zoo lab. The children were able to meet animals such as snakes, bugs, lizards and rats. The children acted out movements and noises that each animal made and they were offered a chance to hold the animals. We would like to say a big Thank you to Alex from Zoo lab for helping our children take part in this lovely experience

Our Royal Wedding

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For the last week, on the run-up to the Royal Wedding, our children have been learning about weddings and the Royal Family. We have been talking about the Royal Family and have been reading the book ‘The Scarecrows Wedding’. The children showed interest in this topic so we decided to further extend their learning. The children also enjoyed making scones and having afternoon tea with scones, jam and cream. The children decided to stage their own Royal Wedding. They each took their roles very seriously and really got into character. Here are some photo’s from our very own ‘Royal Wedding’.

Outdoor Learning Day

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Yesterday was International Outdoor Learning Day. Our children took part in activities all outdoors and we had lunch outdoors too! They enjoyed exploring a wide range of activities outdoors, including planting and growing without gardener Sue, Physical activities & Messy play, especially our balloon paint popping!

Celebrating The Royal Wedding

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Today we celebrated the wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan. The children took part by wearing red, white and blue clothes. Face painting. Art & Crafts, Making our own cakes & we also made our Scones! We had so much fun!

Learning About Ramadan

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The pre-school children have been learning all about Ramadan today. Fahima sat and discussed Ramadan with the children and all about how she celebrates it at home. The children then listened to a story on the interactive board before designing their own henna drawings on hand templates
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