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Worker Bee’s Graduation

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Today we celebrated our worker bee’s graduation. Our Children and Parents had a wonderful time at the ceremony. We will be sad to see our leavers go and we wish them all them lots of luck as they start their next chapter in their education.

Treasure Island Centre

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Yesterday a group of pre-school children visited the exciting Treasure Island (Story Barn) centre in Liverpool One. The children loved exploring the magical setting, making treasure maps, dressing up as pirates, reading stories and listening to some fabulous story-telling. A great day was had by all!

Enjoying Mark Making

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The Bumbles Bees have enjoyed mark making this week, they have used different resources to make various marks. The children have been learning new words and using them during play.

Messy Activities!

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The children in our Busy Bees room have enjoyed exploring messy activities this week. They have been learning and exploring different textures and how textures can change once you add different materials.

Learning About Life Cycles

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Pre-school children have been learning about different life cycles, they loved looking after our vegetables and plants. Now our strawberries have started to grow, the children enjoyed picking them out, washing them and enjoying them as an afternoon snack

Mini Artists

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Our mini artists had lots of fun using their creative and their physical skills to take part in cling film painting. We attached wooden planks to a solid area and wrapped cling film around the planks to use as our canvas to paint. Our busy bees moved freely around the painting area, they enjoyed making patterns and mixing colours. Well done to our busy bees.

Football Fever

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Today our Worker Bees had fun taking part in a football match at our Wavertree nursery. They enjoyed working as a team and talking about the World Cup. Well done to our Garston team scoring 2 goals.

Honey Pot World Cup 2018

Written by Childwall, Aigburth, Garston and Wavertree. Posted in General

What a fantastic tournament we have held at Honey Pot Nursery today. We are so fortunate to have access to a football pitch next to our Wavertree nursery. It was the perfect location to hold our very own Honey Pot World Cup. The red team were Honey Pot Childwall who were acting as Croatia. The white team were from Honey Pot Wavertree and they were acting as England. Honey Pot Aigburth was the blue team who were acting as France and Honey Pot Garston were the yellow team who were acting as Belgium. The first match was between England (Wavertree) and Croatia (Childwall). Ashley was the referee! The teams took part in warm-ups beforehand and the children were really getting into the competitive spirit. Some teams brought their own flags and cheerleaders with them. The teams lined up before kick-off and a friendly handshake was exchanged. As soon as the whistle sounded, the game was on! The children put 110% into their roles and the game was won by Childwall (Croatia). Then Belgium (Garston) and France (Aigburth) played each other. That game ended in victory for France. This left France versus Croatia in the World Cup final! The children played very well and the final winners of the Honey Pot World Cup 2018 went to France (Aigburth). After the game, the children refuelled with some yummy tea and water in the shade to cool down. The children really demonstrated fantastic team spirit and a desire to win. We were all winners in the end! It was a fantastic afternoon had by all!!

We did it again!!

Written by Childwall. Posted in General

We are delighted to announce that we have once again been shortlisted as finalists for the national Nursery World awards 2018. We have now been finalists for three consecutive years for this prestigious award which judges nursery settings from all over the UK. The two awards which we have been shortlisted for are the ‘Team Development’ award which focusses on the impact of the staff training we provide here at Homey Pot. The second award is the ‘Early Years Launch of the Year’ award for the launch and success of Honey Pot Wavertree since it opened in October 2017. We are absolutely delighted! The management team will be heading off to London on September 22nd for the awards ceremony. Wish us luck!
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