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Going on the Conker Hunt

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Today the pre-school children loved going on the conker hunt, they searched and found lots of conkers in all different shapes and sizes. The children then took the counters indoors and used them to play number/counting games. They also found some conkers still inside their shell which they had to use the hammers to bang the shell open!”.

International Pirate Day

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There were many swashbuckling outfits on display in the nursery!

As well as the children perfecting their pirate speak, they also enjoyed a variety of pirate-themed activities including a treasure hunt for ‘pieces of eight’, a pirate ship battle in the water play, hand print painting to make pirates faces, making telescopes and doing a spot of junk modelling to make our own pirate ship.

We enjoyed a pirate themed menu from Donna including ‘pirate’s gold macaroni for lunch followed by a Melon boat filled with melon cannonballs!

Aigburth Celebrates Roald Dahl Day

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We had an exciting day celebrating Roald Dahl.

The children came dressed up as characters including the witches, Willy Wonka, and George from George’s Marvellous Medicine!

The children participated in a variety of activities where they conducted a Willy Wonka experiment, made potions and a dream horn just like the BFG’s, golden eggs and a giant peach!!

We also listened together to some of the famous stories including the witches and the BFG.

The children also enjoyed a Roald Dahl themed menu of Wondercrumb wormy spaghetti followed by mud pies for pudding at lunch, snozzambers and dip for a snack and George’s Marvellous Medicine soup for tea. Yummy!

Visiting ‘Pets at Home’

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Today a group of our Worker Bees children visited Pets at Home as part of their learning for Jane’s key group’s fascination around pets. They saw a variety of different animals which people keep as pets and even saw some unusual ones such as a bearded dragon. Children talked about the different things they might need to keep certain pets such as a tank for fish and talked about what sort of things they might feed pets. It was a lovely visit.

Hunting for the Hungry Caterpillar

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In Busy Bees, Sarah’s key group are focusing on ‘the hungry caterpillar’ for their fascination board.

Sarah & the children read the story together & then went on a hunt in the garden to see if they could find a hungry caterpillar!

Unfortunately, we didn’t find any, but the children spotted holes in the leaves & thought that the hungry caterpillar may have eaten them!

The children then went inside to make their own hungry caterpillar using an assortment of shapes and using the picture of the book as a guide to follow.
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