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Adopting an Amur Leopard

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Did you know that there are less than 60 Amur Leopards left in the wild and due to this it makes them one of the worlds most endangered cats?

Honey Pot Garston have teamed up with the WWF and have adopted an Amur Leopard, Worker Bees have named him Sunset.

This is in partnership with Eco-schools. Our children have used the interactive board to look at where Amur Leopards live and how we are supporting them from becoming extinct.

The children will take turns in taking Sunset home to look after him for the weekend.

On Friday Garston are holding a ‘wear your spots day’ to raise money to support the WWF.

Introducing Mindfulness Mentors

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In our worker bees room we have introduced mindfulness mentors- linking in with our time to talk event. We are raising awareness of mental health and the support that we can offer.

Each day 2 children are selected to be mindfulness mentors and they will be given a badge. Workers children are now aware that if they are upset or feeling sad they can talk to their mindfulness mentor and ask for a cuddle. This has been a big success in our worker bees room.

Exploring Music

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Bumble bees have enjoyed exploring music, they had lots of fun moving to music and using musical instruments to make their own sounds.

Chloe’s group have been focusing on letter matching, the children really enjoyed recognising letter of the alphabet and pairing them together in a matching card game

Busy bees have been improving their maths skills, exploring shape using different tools and resources to support their number development

The Experience of Visiting the Doctor

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Pre-school enjoyed a special visit from one of the pre-school parents who works as a doctor. She came with lots of different equipment for them to test out and explained what it was used for. We talked about how doctors help us when we are poorly and our experiences of visiting the doctor.

We’ve Adopted a Rhino!

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As part of our Eco-schools award, Honey Pot Aigburth have adopted a rhino.

Our rhino’s name is Lankeu!

Today we introduced our rhino mascot to the children in pre-school.

We talked about how Lankeu is a black rhino and lives in Nairobi national park. We also talked about how Lankeu’s type of rhino are becoming extinct so that is why we chose to adopt him in order to help look after him.

We also learnt about his habitat and what he likes to eat.

The children will all be getting a turn to take our Lankeu rhino mascot home to look after.
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