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Exploring Colours

Written by Garston. Posted in General

Our busy bees in Garston have enjoyed exploring colours through messy play. The children took part in an outdoor powder paint activity- Mixing colours and making patterns in the powder. The children then extended their learning further through cling film table painting, the children had lots of fun getting messy.

New Compost Bin

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As part of our eco-schools, we have started to use a compost bin within nursery which can be used in our planting area with Flowerpot Sue.

The children have had lots of fun helping Moe to cook to add cutting and peelings in the compost bin.

Celebrating World Book Day

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Honey Pot Garston had lots of fun dressing up to celebrate world book day. The children dressed up as their favourite character and brought in their favourite book to read with their friends.

Busy Bees Explore Space

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

Zahra’s group have been learning about space for their fascination topic.

They have enjoyed dressing up as astronauts and pretending that they were on a mission to explore space!

They also created ‘galaxy’ play dough that looked like it was filled with stars. They used this in their space-themed small world play and added Astronauts and spaceships to it.

The children also made ‘space rocks’ and enjoyed using a hammer to crack them.

They have also made their very own telescopes; the children talked about using them at night to see how many stars they could spot!

Super Food!

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

In pre-school, Kelly’ group are focusing on superheroes for their fascination topic.

They have been discussing what types of healthy foods they should be eating to keep their bodies strong just like Superheroes.

The children chose a variety of fruit & vegetables to make fruit & veg kebabs including strawberries, cucumbers, tomatoes & banana.

The children understood that they had to wash their hands first before handling the food.

They were very careful in handling the knives to cut the food & were very skilled at placing the food onto the skewer.

The children were very proud of the end result.
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