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Easter Exploration

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Children in Baby Bees & Busy Bees have had lots of fun exploring an Easter-themed tuff tray. There were lots of different textures to explore and they particularly liked finding the chicks and eggs that were hidden!

Baby Bees Explore Animals

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Leanne’s group explored animals in multicoloured rice. The children were able to identify the animals when Leanne asked and then fit them into the correct place on the jigsaw. The children had lots of fun making the different animal sounds too!

Let’s Get Physical!

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Nicole’s group set up a small obstacle course indoors to explore different ways of moving. They enjoyed crawling, stepping, jumping and balancing during the course. They then measured their jumps using the tape measure, looking at the numbers together to figure out who jumped the furthest.

Messy Play With Peppa Pig

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In Busy Bees, Zahra’s group are very interested in Peppa Pig. The children enjoyed exploring the figures and moving them through the multicoloured rice. The children also used the figures to create marks in the rice.

Our Transient Art Creation

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In pre-school Nicole’s key group have continued to focus on transient art for their fascination.

In this activity Nicole & the children created their own transient art picture using a variety of loose parts, the children then had a go at creating their own interpretation using paints on cling film.

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