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Bees had a ‘Splashing’ Time

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

Some of our Honey Bees & Busy Bees children had a ‘splashing’ time today!

They all worked together to make our car in the garden look shiny & new!

They also thought it was very funny to make the hose spray the water out and also splash and make marks in the soapy puddles they created!

Busy Bees Balancing!

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

Some of our Busy Bees children had lots of fun testing their balancing skills!

Zahra set up an obstacle course for them to try. They had to climb up and down, in and out of tyres and walk along the plank and do their best not to fall into the water!

They all did very well & displayed some fabulous balancing skills!

Developing Fine Motor Skills

Written by Childwall. Posted in General

Whilst exploring the painting activity, Busy Bees had lots of fun developing their fine motor skills using the pegs to pick up the cotton wool to paint, this also helped develop their hand-eye coordination.

What Has Arrived in the Post?

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

In Busy Bees, Sarah’s group explored the story ‘Dear Zoo’. They were very excited to find letters & parcels in the postbag, just like in the story! They each took turns to open a letter or parcel & guess which animal it was going to be!

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