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Busy Bees Go Pumpkin Picking!

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

Some of our Busy Bees children had a fabulous time at Kenyon Hall Farm.
They were fascinated at the sight of so many pumpkins!!
They worked together to use the wheelbarrow to transport their chosen pumpkins but also got very muddy!
The children also spotted a rabbit who was fast asleep!
They also enjoyed exploring the pumpkin playhouse and park and having a go at driving the tractor!


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The children have been learning about their similarities and differences and what makes them unique. They used mirrors to identify their individual characteristics. Some children then drew self-portraits and some children used the log pieces to recreate their faces.

Autumn Exploration

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Sarah’s group in Busy Bees enjoyed exploring an Autumn themed activity.

They used funnels and scoops as they did lots of emptying and filling of containers, talking about which container had more or less in and saying “All gone” once the container was empty.

They also discussed the different things they could see and how they felt, using words such as orange and cold.

Zoolab Came to Visit

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Our Busy Bees and Worker Bees children were very excited to have Zoolab visit us in the nursery.

Alex the ranger wore a special Halloween themed outfit and told the children that she was here to make us lunch but every time she chanted a special spell to create the food, an animal appeared!!

The children were fascinated at what they saw including snakes, rats, millipedes and a lizard!

Perfume Making

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

Sarah’s group in Busy bees enjoyed perfume making!
They used jugs and funnels to carefully mix together different ingredients including flowers, water, essence & food colouring to create some lovely fragrances.
Once made they filled up their perfume bottles and we all had a try of the beautiful perfumes!

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