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Festive Fun for Busy Bees

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Busy Bees have enjoyed exploring lots of festive activities!
They explored a Christmas tree tuff tray where they moved the rice around to create the shape of a tree & added various objects to decorate it.
They have also been practicing their present wrapping skills, wrapping up lots of objects in their room!
They tested their mixing and pouring skills when they engaged in a festive hot chocolate activity & they particular like using their scissor and sticking skills to cut up tinsels to make their very own halos!

Busy Bees Christmas Party!

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Our Busy Bees truly got into the festive spirit at their party this week!
They had lots of fun exploring a themed tuff tray filled with Christmas baubles & in the water tray they all had a go at catching the baubles floating around.
The children also enjoyed exploring a winter wonderland themed small world.
They were very excited to meet Santa during their party & some of the children even posed for pictures wearing a hat just like his!

Festive Fun for Honey Bees!

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Leanne’s group in Honey Bees have enjoyed exploring some lovely festive-themed activities.
They explored a tuff tray with a flour Christmas tree which they all took part in decorating, they also enjoyed exploring a light-up Christmas tree & took turns to place the counters on in different places.
They also enjoyed filling & emptying containers & making marks in festive candy cane rice & showed lots of concentration as they had a go at scooping the pom poms out of the themed water tray.

Festive Fun for Busy Bees!

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In Busy Bees, Zahra’s group had lots of fun exploring some festive activities.
They loved unwrapping presents and matching each gift’s shape on the tuff tray.
They also enjoyed mark making in festive coloured rice whilst they hunted for the elves! The children also enjoyed a Christmas dinner themed tuff tray.
The children helped to cut the vegetables& serve them onto plates, they even had a go at mashing the potatoes!! The children were very careful slowly pouring the gravy over each of the Christmas dinner plates that they had set out.
They also giggled as they took turns pulling the crackers & putting on party hats!!

Baby & Honey Bees Christmas Party Fun!

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

Our Baby Bees & Honey Bees children had a wonderful afternoon at their party.
There were lots of exciting festive activities to explore including a snowman tuff tray, Frozen-themed water play, scented playdough & a North pole themed sensory area!
The children also had a special visit from Santa & enjoyed some delicious food including pizza pinwheels!

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