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We recently held an ‘occupation’ themed dress-up day in the nursery as the children are fascinated with learning about different job roles.

Some of our children dressed up as Honey Pot staff & were very busy taking telephone calls, risk assessing the rooms and garden to make sure it was all safe and doing their activities!

Some of the children dressed up as chefs and helped Donna our cook prepare food for lunch.

We also had a variety of doctors and nurses on hand to help when our dolls and teddies were feeling sick or were injured.

We also had firefighters pretending to put out a fire in the garden!

Pancake Day

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The children had a lovely day celebrating pancake day.

Some of our younger children in Honey Bees role played making pancakes in their home corner with play dough, they worked very hard to mould the playdough and fit it into the pan. They also explored a pancake themed tuff tray where they helped staff to decorate the pancakes with yummy ingredients.

Our Busy Bees children explored a tuff tray where they had to follow a recipe to make the batter for their pancakes.

Some of our parents came to join in with us and helped the children to decorate pancakes too. The children were very excited to have their pancake creations at tea time!

National Love Your Pet Day

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Some of our families shared pictures with us of their beloved family pets.

Some of our Busy Bees children did a lovely messy play activity involving lots of filling and emptying of containers, where they pretended to feed their pets. During the activity, the children talked about each of their pets in detail, such as their colour, what food they like & where they take them for walks!

Making Sensory Fruit Playdough Pancakes

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Our Buys bee’s made sensory fruit playdough pancakes. They used different fruits to added texture, colour and smells to their playdough. The children used small pans to make their pancakes and then they flipped their playdough pancakes in the air.

Science Fun!

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In celebration of International Day of Women and Girls in Science, some of our Busy Bees enjoyed taking part in some fun experiments!

They were fascinated when they added water to skittles & it created a colourful rainbow!

They also enjoyed mixing ingredients to make a colourful slime concoction!  The children stretched and moulded it and talked about how it felt slimy and sticky!

The children also made volcanoes with Zahra.  They were very surprised to see the mixture bubble and explode as they added a special ingredient to it!

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