Busy Bees Visit Kidz Fantasyland

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Some of our Busy Bees children had a very exciting trip today!
They were very excited to travel on our minibus and talked about where we were going!
Once we got to fantasy land, the children were eager to explore everywhere!!
They jumped into the ball bit & tried to swim through the balls & giggled as they threw them too.
They displayed their excellent climbing skills, travelling over different obstacles at different heights. They especially loved coming down the slide at the end!
The children also loved the interactive area where they had to stamp on the floor to squash the tomatoes or pop the balloons!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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Zahra’s group explored a themed tuff tray as part of The National Storytelling Week.
The children acted out the story ‘the very hungry caterpillar’, feeding the caterpillar the different foods from the story.
They talked about what came next in the story & even pretended to eat the food themselves.
Once the story was finished, the children enjoyed filling & emptying containers using the messy play contents & then worked together to make the caterpillar again.

Fun Exploring Snow

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The children have certainly made the most of the weather today!
Our children wrapped up warm to go outside & explore the snow.
They enjoyed making footprints in the snow & following each other’s paths & some of our Busy Bees enjoyed mark making in the snow using paint brushes & spray bottles, they were fascinated at the snow changing colour.
They also had lots of fun making snowballs & seeing who could throw them the furthest.
Some of our younger children collected snow so they could explore an arctic-themed tuff tray. They also coloured the snow & enjoyed filling and emptying containers and making shapes in the snow with moulds.

A Visit to the Central Library

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A group of Worker Bees had lots of fun this morning visiting the central library. The children loved looking at the different stories. As part of their fascination board, they spoke to the librarian and the children asked her about her job roles. The children were very interested in listening to how she too helps people find books they wish to read.

National Storytelling Week

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In celebration of national storytelling week, some of our Baby Bees & Busy Bees children have been exploring themed messy play based on their favourite.

Ava enjoyed listening to Where is little fish & investigated the different containers to find little fish! She showed good control using the fishing nets to scoop the sea animals out of the water.

Nancy enjoyed listening to Fun with Sophie & used cups & scoops to fill & empty to help make Sophie the giraffe!


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