‘Wear it Pink’ Day

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

We recently had a ‘Wear it Pink’ day in the nursery in aid of breast cancer awareness.

Many of the children wore lovely pink outfits.

There were also some lovely ‘pink’ themed activities for the children to participate in including glueing & sticking, a pink sensory exploration tray & pink water play.

Thank you to everyone who donated for the cause.

Busy Bees Visit Croxteth Hall Farm

Written by Childwall. Posted in General

Today, Busy Bees visited Croxteth Hall Farm. They saw a variety of different animals including pigs, horses, sheep, cows and even an owl, a peacock and some meercats. The children were very interested in the animals and enjoyed practicing the animal sounds they already knew and learning about some unfamiliar animals. There was time to have a play on the outdoor play area.

Celebrating International Chinese Day

Written by Childwall. Posted in General

We have enjoyed celebrating International Chinese day today, Yesterday the pre-school children visited China Town and went the Chinese supermarket to pick up ingredients for our lunch and tea, today the children enjoyed eating delicious Chinese food. Bumble bees enjoyed painting some Chinese dragons, while Worker bees used chopsticks to copy Chinese letters.

Celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving

Written by Childwall. Posted in General

Today Worker Bees have celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with their Canadian teacher Sarah. They painted their hands and printed them on the paper to make turkeys. They enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner and apple pie pudding and spoke about things they are thankful for!

The Giants are Coming

Written by Childwall. Posted in General

Today the pre-school children have been talking about the giants coming to visit! They are all very excited to go and see them and wanted to make their own giant, and decided to call him “bob”.

Baby Bees Visit Pets at Home

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

Some of our Baby Bees children in Leanne’s group are exploring fish for their fascination. Today we went to visit pets at home as a group. The children were fascinated with the different types of fish, in different colours and sizes! Some of the children were mimicking the movements of the fish, opening and closing their mouths! They were also very excited to see some rabbits, guinea pigs and rats!

Honey Bees Trip to Kidz Fantasy Land

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

Some of our Honey Bees children enjoyed a trip Kidz Fantasy Land play area.

They enjoyed exploring all the different areas including the ball pit, IT screens and they did plenty of climbing, building and travelling down slides!

It looks like the staff had lots of fun with the children too!

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

We had a busy and lovely morning fundraising for Macmillan.

Parents were invited to join us for a cup of coffee (or tea) and some delicious cake.

Some of our Busy Bees children got involved in the cause making iced biscuits and cakes and they helped to make a hungry caterpillar cake!

Thank you to everyone who donated for the cause, we were able to raise over £190.


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