Matching Shapes

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

Sarah’s group in Busy bees & Sarah-Louise’s group in Honey Bees have had lots of fun learning about different shapes and matching & categorising them.

They did a shape matching activity where they had to fit the correct shape with its corresponding outline, the children were also able to name some of the shapes!

Sarah’s group also did a tuff try activity where there were outlines of different objects and the children had to guess which object belonged to each outline.

Sarah-Louise’s group did a shape activity where they had to categorize the objects into shape groups. The children were very good at noticing which objects matched to each shape.

Number Fun

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

In Busy Bees, Sarah’s group have had lots of fun learning number.

In the garden they did a ‘number jump’ where they had to jump on the correct number when asked, the children laughed at the popping noise as they jumped onto the number.

They also had a go at tracing the number and did a very good job!

They also explored the number of ducks and were very clever at identifying the number on each duck and placing them on the matching plate.

Messy Fun for Baby Bees

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

In Baby Bees, Leanne’s group had fun exploring themed messy play. The children enjoyed filling and emptying containers with the coloured rice and also hiding the carrots in it! They particularly liked giving the rabbit a big cuddle and having a taste of the real carrots!!

Mud Play!

Written by Aigburth. Posted in General

In Honey Bees, Sarah-Lou’s key group explored a themed tuff tray relating to the story “Where do diggers sleep at night?”

The children enjoyed looking through the book and pointing out what they could see.

Sarah-Lou recalled parts of the story to the children as they explored the mud with the diggers.

Preschool Yoga Bears

Written by Wavertree Nursery. Posted in General

This week Preschool had their first session of Yoga Bears. They had fun learning about each bear and its special Zen power!

The children were so relaxed and calm and enjoyed learning the tree pose and the butterfly pose, finishing the session with meditation!

It was a great way to unwind after a busy morning!

Dressing up as Pirates

Written by Garston. Posted in General

Today children from our Garston nursery went on a trip to our Wavertree nursery. They had lots of fun exploring the reading area and developing their imagination on a treasure hunt whilst dressing up as pirates.


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