Celebrating Korea

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Today the children at Honey Pot Aigburth have had another culture day and this month it was “Korea Day”. The children have been learning basic Korean words such as “thank you” which is pronounced ‘Kamsa-Hamnida’. They have attempted Korean writing and also looked at some lovely Korean story books which Harry kindly brought in from home. the children and staff enjoyed a Korean meal of Ginger & Soy Chicken served with Beansprouts and Seaweed, it was delicious!!

Celebrating Independence Day!

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Today the children at Honey Pot Aigburth had such a fun day celebrating Independence Day! They painted the American flag and had a yummy lunch of Hot Dogs and Fries which was a special treat! After lunch each child wore a mask of the different presidents and we had a president parade around the nursery, it was so much fun!

Belle Vale police pop in

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As part of Child Safety Week, we had a visit from the police from Belle Vale Police Station.

They were very kind and came to show us their police car and talk to us about what they do in the Community.

All the children were able to go and look at the car and ask any questions. Some of the children wanted to know how the police catch baddies, others just wanted to hear the police siren.

We had a fun day learning lots of new things and would like to say a big thank you to them for coming to the nursery to visit us.

From Caterpillars to Beautiful Butterflies

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Throughout July, Busy Bees and Worker Bees have enjoyed watching and looking after some teeny weeny caterpillar’s. They talked to them, fed them and nurtured them to help them grow.

First the caterpillar ate its egg and this gave the caterpillar energy, then it munched on some  yummy green leaves. The caterpillar was so hungry it ate and ate for days.

Soon, the caterpillar needed a rest, it hanged upside down until its skin split and then it began to fall off. Underneath we saw a brand new skin for the caterpillar and this skin got harder and harder. This is called a pupa.

The children kept an eye on the Pupa for weeks and nothing happened.

Eventually they noticed a change. They could see the butterfly starting to show in the pupa and it gradually squeezed itself out into the classroom.

They continued to watch in awe as the butterfly squeezed out and began to flutter around the butterfly house.

It was now time for them to say goodbye and venture into the world – Worker Bees children read the “Hungry Caterpillar” before letting them go and Busy Bees children sang a song called “Fly away Butterfly”

They were all sad and happy to say goodbye to their new friends but smiled and laughed as they flew away, flapping their beautiful wings.

Child Safety Week – our visit from Belle Vale Fire Station

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Today we all dressed up as Super Hero’s and were visited by our local Fire People.

They brought their fire engine which was very big, red and shiny and we were all able to have a sit in it. Even the babies joined in the fun and one sat up front with the fire man.

We all had a great day.

We learnt about people who help us and then had a Superhero party for tea with lots of yummy party food.

Child Safety Week at Honey Pot Aigburth!

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The staff & children made signs to assist them in talking about crossing the road safely! They all went in to the garden and took it in turns to be the school crossing patrol officer, helping the children to cross the road safely.

Another activity the children took part in was identifying items in the nursery that can become hot. The children went around the nursery in groups and used red stickers to identify the hot items. They all did so well!

The activity the children enjoyed most during child safety week, was the traffic light sandwiches! These went down a treat. They had so much fun making these whilst learning about the importance of taking notice of traffic lights!


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