Childwall’s extension.

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The new extension is now over half way it will be completed before the end of August! We have been busy purchasing new resources for our new sensory studio and look forward to the arrival of our new tropical fish tank! The Busy bees room has been redecorated and looks fantastic! Thank you to all of our parents who have been so patient during the building work!

ICT Equipment

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Honey Pot day nursery in Liverpool suburbs Childwall, Aigburth and Garston We have now added a large interactive touch screen computer into our ICT area in the pre school room and the children absolutely love it.  There are a large number of educational games for the children to carry out and this has become just as popular as our touch screen tablets.  The ICT area is definitely one of the most popular areas within the room!

Worker Bee’s Bathroom

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Our Worker Bee’s bathroom has now been refurbished.  I am sure you will all agree it looks fantastic.  Feel free to pop up and have a look, we have had some lovely ‘under the sea’ murals painted on the cubicle doors, the children are enjoying trying to find Nemo amongst the other sea life.

Nursery Mobile

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As most of you are aware, we now have a nursery mobile phone.  This seems to be a big hit with the majority of parents.  We will be using texting as one of the main forms of communication for little reminders, so please keep an eye out for these.  If you have not received a text from me informing you of the nursery mobile number, this means the mobile number I have for you needs updating, so please text me on the following number to ensure that I have your current mobile telephone number.  The nursery mobile number is: 07975822260

New minibus

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I am sure you will all be pleased to know that Julie & Tony have purchased a minibus.  This will allow for more opportunities for the children to go on outings.  We can only take 10 children out maximum at any one time so please understand that trips will be done on a rota system so all children will get an equal turn of going on trips.  Please understand also that the minibus is for the use of our 3 sites, but we are aiming to use it as much as possible.  With us being quiet over the summer we will have more of an opportunity to go on trips, but once we hit September we will be looking for parental involvement to assist us on certain trips.  I will ask nearer the time to see if any of you are able to help us out.

Our Trip to the Museum

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A group of children from our Pre-School at Aigburth are very excited for our trip tomorrow.  We will be travelling in our minibus to the World Museum in the city centre.  The children are really looking forward to learning about the dinosaurs.


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